Bike it Project

Grange has become a bike it school! We will be encouraging as many children as possible to ride their bikes to school.

On 5th November Reception class had their Bike It party as a reward for having the most rides on Cycle to School day. The children got to ride their bikes around the playground and had a meal afterwards.



Dr Bike came back in on 2nd October to health checks on the children’s bikes. We also had Cycle to School day on 9th October where children were encouraged to ride their bikes to school. Key Stage 1 classes did best overall but it was Reception class who were the winners with 12 children riding their bikes. Well done!


Year 4 and 5 cycling

So far we have had Dr Bike in to do a health check on the children’s bikes. We have also had a session on bike maintenance for parents and children together. This week we will be learning how to mend punctures and we will be joining in the Big Pedal at the beginning of March.

bike-day mechanic-at-work

Some parents and children joined a workshop to find out how to mend punctures. Grange children also took part in the Big Pedal. Children were encouraged to make the journey to school by bike or scooter. This is a national competition and the eco group worked hard collecting the number of journeys made every day so they could be logged on the Bike-it data base. We logged 351 journeys over the three weeks! Thank you to everyone who took part. Reception children made the most journeys and they will have a prize next term.

bike-it1 bike-it2

On the 11th and 12th June, Year 4 did a level 1 cycle training course in the playground. They learned basic cycling skills like how to manage their bike, signalling and making turns.

bike-it-lvl1-1 bike-it-lvl1-2

On 6th June there was a scooter party was for Year 1 to celebrate them getting the highest number of rides to school of any class during The Big Pedal.

Those with scooters and bikes rode them round the playground and there were parachute games for those without. Then everyone had a healthy snack – raisins, popcorn, bananas and some apple juice.