Over the past few months, Year 5 has been taking part in a programme called BounceBack, aimed at building their resilience – supporting our ethos of growth mind-set. They have had various workshops around building resilience and tolerance of others, being able to make correct choices and reflect on their actions and feelings, allowing them to ‘bounce back’ from the everyday challenges in life.

To mark the end of the programme, a special assembly was held to congratulate Year 5 for their achievements and using their newly learnt skills both inside and outside of school. All children received a certificate for their participation. Special certificates were awarded to those where it was identified that they showed increased resilience and made a positive change. These children were as follows:


Congratulations to all that took part and we hope you continue to use the new skills learnt. Year 5 would like to say a special thank you to Marcus Morgan-Valentine at HeadStart for working with the children.