Collective Worship

Every Friday here at Grange during our assembly the whole school takes part in a collective worship time where we light a candle and have time meditate or pray. We have lots of different religions and cultures in our school and we all respect each other. 

This week our assembly was based on Kindness and Mrs Collins taught the children about kindness through some apples! By taking one apple and saying lots of kind words and taking a second apple and saying unkind and hurtful things to it. Mrs Collins told all the children about being hurt on the inside and how it can always stay with someone even if we say sorry. 

After saying the kind and unkind words to the different apples and leaving them until the end of the assembly. We then cut them in half and it revealed that the kind apple was ripe and juicy and the unkind apple was rotten and brown!

We must always remember to be kind and not say hurtful words to others.