How to keep your child safe online – NSPCC Internet Safety Workshop

Thank you so much to all the parents who attended the NSPCC Internet Safety Workshop and the lovely Caroline from NSPCC who came and spoke to us about how we can keep our children safe online!

Caroline gave some great tips about how we can understand more about the online world.

  1. Talk to your child – Ask your child to show you their favourite things to do online and take an interest in what they do – just like you would offline. Continue to talk to them to be up to date with what they see, who they meet and interact with and the things they do.
  2. Work together – Explore the online world with your children, talk about what they do online – early and often and set and agree boundaries.
  3. NSPCC Net Aware – Has information about the most commonly used apps by young people.    Visit:

For more information please visit: or call for free 0808 800 5002 

If you would like the leaflets above you will find them in reception or ask Mrs Burke. Thank you.