School Council Visits The Houses Of Parliament

On Monday, children from the school council went on an educational trip to The Houses or Parliament where they took part in a mini election and were given a tour of the building. 

The day begun with a tour around the building where the children learnt many historical facts about the building, past prime minsters and The Queen. Did you know that all of the MPs  including the Prime Minister are banned from the building right now because of the general election happening in June? 

Children were able to go into the House of Commons and the House of Lords which they always see on the News!

They school councillors also took part in a workshop where they learnt about how MPs are elected and then took part in their own election where each team had to choose their own manifestos. 

Overall, it was a fun packed and informative day for the school councillors. And we hope that all the children will be inspired by politics and take up their opportunity to vote in the future.