Work Week

During the week beginning 7th March we had Work Week at Grange where each class learned about different careers through workshops and educational visits.

In Nursery we were looking at jobs outside and we had visitors come to our class from East London Garden Society and Murfy’s Recycle Centre who did a recycling workshop with us. In Reception, we also had a visit from East London Garden Society as well as a cake decorator from a local cake shop who decorated biscuits with us as part of our topic on jobs in the food industry.

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Class 1 was focusing on a variety of job roles in different workplaces. We had class visits from John Lewis and The Dog’s Trust and dressed up as people in different careers to perform role-plays.

The topic for Class 2 was Our Community. On 11th March we had a class visit from The Dog’s Trust and then went to the Stratford Fire Station where we learned about the firefighters and the safety equipment they use. We also had a chance to use the fire hose and sit in the fire engine!

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Class 3 looked at reasons why people work, the value of money and budgeting. We visited the Holiday Inn Stratford Express on 8th March and did shopping role play activities in class.

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Class 4 looked at literacy and numeracy at work, focusing on a different job each day and identifying the skills needed for those jobs. On 10th March we had a tour of the House Mill at Bromley-by-Bow which is a historic tidal water mill that used to provide flour for the bakers who supplied bread to the City of London and served the distillery next door.

As part of our topic in Year 5 focusing on aspirational jobs, we had a speed networking workshop with professionals on 9th March and a positive attitude workshop on 11th March.

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In Year 6 we had a Dragon’s Den style activity throughout the week. We split into small business teams to develop a product to sell. We then had a presentation skills workshop led by professionals and then presented our product to a panel on the final day.

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